There are always direct cost savings to be made on your temporary agency spend – and de Poel finds them for you

The de Poel group

Temporary workforce,
permanent solutions

de Poel is the UK’s leading expert in the use of temporary labour. We have more than a decade of experience in helping our clients realise the financial benefits of outsourcing their non-permanent staffing requirements. We also have a team of directors whose combined wealth of industry knowledge and expertise ensure we continue to be an innovative market leader.

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de Poel save clients an average of 12% on their annual temporary staffing spend

de Poel

Temporary workforce,
permanent solutions

Revolutionising companies’ relationships with recruitment agencies to save them time and money is what de Poel prides itself on. We are the UK leader in this field and, as a neutral vendor with no affiliation to any agency, we are a completely independent intermediary working across multiple sectors.

With more than a decade of experience in helping over 120 blue chip and public sector clients better manage their non-permanent workers and contractors, we aim to reduce your spend and improve efficiency with our self-funding solutions.

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de Poel health+care save clients an average of 12% on their annual temporary staffing spend

de Poel health+care

Temporary workforce, permanent solutions

de Poel health+care’s transparent, independent and cost-effective approach to procuring non-permanent staff via a panel of hand-picked recruitment agencies provides greater management and control for healthcare providers. de Poel health+care can cut costs by up to a fifth and increase efficiency across the NHS and private health and care sectors.

We are creating new standards in healthcare recruitment where we encourage agencies to compete on the quality of the staff they provide and not on candidate pay rates.

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de Poel education save clients an average of 12% on their annual staffing spend

de Poel education

Temporary workforce,
permanent solutions

de Poel education is the leading specialist in the management of temporary workers within schools, academies, colleges and universities. Our primary objective is to minimise and streamline the financial, administrative and classroom impact supply cover can have every day.

Our main aim is to improve the quality of supply and temporary cover within a reduced spend, sourcing appropriately skilled and experienced professionals who meet the requirements of individual education providers.

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Revolutionising relationships

de Poel is the UK’s leading expert in procuring and managing the supply of temporary agency staff. Our approach is revolutionising companies’ relationships with recruitment agencies, thanks to our determination to maximise efficiency, minimise administrative pressures and optimise working practices.

Through our industry experience and dedicated, committed team of professionals, we streamline administration and improve bottom lines for companies across many industries whilst ensuring fair market rates for workers.

We have a significant client base from the FTSE 100 to SMEs and Local Authorities in a multitude of sectors including the NHS, private health and care companies, central government, education, retail, waste management and logistics. We have a managed spend of £750 million and we deal with more than 1,500 recruitment agencies each week.

de Poel has 16 years of experience in helping clients realise the true benefits of outsourcing their temporary staffing solutions. We also offer an innovative combination of employment support, training and volunteering solutions, occupying a unique space between businesses and the community.

More than 120 clients including leading private and public sector organisations, as well as several large national charities, have chosen de Poel to manage their temporary and contract workers.

We have developed a compliance-friendly, web-based software system called e-tips®. This intuitive software reduces unnecessary paperwork, streamlines administration, enhances control and generates useful job management information, saving our clients both time and money.


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