Taking the procurement of temporary labour to the next level

Launched in 2001, de Poel quickly became the leading name for organisations looking to better manage their temporary workforce.

Having built up an enviable client list over the years, the de Poel group of companies prides itself on supplying the right solutions to transform the management of our clients’ temporary staffing needs.

We are totally independent, being a vendor neutral company, and our primary aim is to add value to your business with our self-funding solutions. Partnering with a vendor neutral independent partner is a highly effective outsourcing strategy and can result in significantly better outcomes than typically achieved when completed in-house. This is why so many household names choose to trust the management of their non-permanent staffing solutions to de Poel.

Temporary recruitment is in our DNA and many of our senior managers have unrivalled levels of experience in the industry. But our dedicated and highly experienced team also includes experts from many other industries as de Poel has diversified into helping the NHS and private healthcare providers plus education authorities and academy trusts with their agency staff and supply teachers.

We work across many different sectors with over 120 blue chip companies, as well as local authorities, health trusts, schools, academies and colleges.

As well as our core company de Poel, the group includes de Poel health+care and de Poel education.

The bespoke technology we have developed over the years has helped secure our position as the leading independent procurer of temporary labour.

de Poel actively and rigorously audits its supplying temporary work agencies against legislative compliance, including compliance with the Modern Slavery Act, and identifies any legislative non-compliance to its clients.

We know how to address challenges with cost, compliance, visibility, control and efficiency and our aim is clear – to improve your business.