Logistics remains a highly buffeted industry sector. Fuel prices, consumer buying habits, increased driver regulations, an aging workforce, re-shoring, the list goes on. It’s a complex mix – where the only constant is the guarantee that the status quo is always shifting. And with profit margins hovering at just 3% for most players, it can be incredibly difficult for logistics firms to influence the bottom line.

The logistics sector has been a key industry to benefit from partnering with de Poel. de Poel’s self-funding, cost-saving model has enabled both the biggest players in the market as well as newer start-ups to transform their recruitment spend, taking cost out of the business and impacting profits positively.

In an industry of squeezed margins, however, it’s not just the percentage of pounds shaved off traditional costs that ensures the de Poel solution makes the difference. In the latest FTA Transport Manager Survey, the top challenges Transport Managers stated they faced, alongside budget constraints, included remaining compliant as well as driver recruitment. This is where de Poel can additionally assist – ensuring the provision of CPC compliant staff from regularly audited recruitment agencies – keeping supply chains risk free. Our focus on workforce planning is also allowing logistics firms to better ride the peaks and troughs of demand by ensuring driver and warehouseman availability at crucial times by keeping a minimum ‘core’ of temporary workers, who are in turn more engaged and less likely to be absent.