Our community arm exists to ensure we make a difference both through our professional service and the commitment of our staff through three key elements. We give back to those charities that mean something personally to us, we support causes that bring opportunity into the lives of those who face barriers to meaningful and successful employment and finally we go above and beyond to play our part in stamping out the rise of modern slavery:

Every member of staff is given an allowance of employee volunteering days that they can utilise to support a charity or cause close to their heart. Throughout 2017, members of staff have given talks at schools designed to broaden horizons, trekked the Lava Fields of Iceland, driven across Europe in a Rusty Rally challenge, walked 5K for the Alzheimer’s Society and raised over £20,000 collectively for good causes.

Employability courses. We work with local housing associations and educational establishments to raise standards in workforce readiness amongst young people through presentations and workshops.

Throughout 2017 we have been proud to partner with Hope for Justice to deliver training to our agency panels and our clients on how to spot signs of modern slavery, producing informative webinars and quick check guides.