April 2022 will see several increases to the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage and uplift to National Insurance Contributions and changes to Class 1 National Insurance Thresholds.

We want to remind agencies that you must pay your temporary workers the newly increased rates due for any work performed from April 2022. We have produced guidance on the changes to support you in ensuring a seamless transition. Download your copy here

GRI’s software solution, e-tips®, will manage the process as in previous years and reflect the rate rises from April onwards. Depending on how each client’s week ending date falls, you may find that e-tips® displays the previous thresholds when booking a candidate. Where this is the case, rates will automatically uplift and recalculate to the new thresholds before your agency’s invoicing process. 

Each client has taken a unique approach to rate uplifts; therefore, we encourage you to download the revised Rates and Rules on the system. The updated reports will be available once we apply the changes, we will endeavour to do this by Monday 4 April, but some changes may take place in the days following. 

To download a Rates and Rules report, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to https://e-tips.com/auth/login.
  2. Select the Reporting option in the main menu.
  3. There is a second menu to the left of the screen within the reporting feature, which contains each report grouped within headings. Select the Client Reports option in the second menu.
  4. Click on Rates and Rules.
  5. Select a client using the Client Selector drop-down list to the left of the screen.
  6. Select all business units or specific business units using the Business Unit drop-down list alongside the Client Selector.
  7. Click on the Create Report button in the centre of the screen. 


Furthermore, our operations team will run a cross-check each week to ensure that, as temporary workers reach various key birthday thresholds on the newly increased NMW scale, they receive the correct rate for their age group.

For any e-tips® queries, please contact help@e-tips.com. Should you have any questions about future increases, please contact NMW2022@geometricresults.co.uk

We look forward to working with you to provide a smooth transition to clients.

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