de Poel’s connection to you

If you’ve signed up to a recruitment agency to find temporary work you may hear the name de Poel, you may even be paid via our payroll provider Paraplus. So who are we? de Poel is an independent company that sits between hiring organisations and recruitment agencies to ensure that workers are paid a fair market rate and that the recruitment process runs smoothly and efficiently.

You might wonder why hiring organisations don’t deal directly with their recruitment agencies when they’re looking for temporary workers. Some do, but an increasing number outsource their recruitment, opting instead for the advice and expertise of an independent, neutral expert. This is particularly the case if an organisation has a number of sites nationwide and need hundreds, or sometimes thousands, of temporary workers. In these situations we help organisations run a slicker and more efficient recruitment process, helping them manage the admin, complexities and costs of working with so many recruitment agencies.

Our service is also intended to benefit agency workers. We work closely with clients to better understand and forecast their regular recruitment needs. This in turn means the client can then offer longer-term contracts to temporary workers, rather than lots of smaller temporary assignments. We also employ an expert team who continually check pay rates to ensure they are fair for the sector, role, location and even the time of year.

We’ve long been concerned about unethical practices amongst payroll providers – the medium by which many agency workers are typically paid. There have been a number of investigations into payroll providers over the years with disreputable working practices exposed in programmes such as Panorama. It doesn’t help it’s an unregulated sector, and there have been many instances of confusing payslips hiding unfair deductions from agency workers’ rightful take-home pay.

We were so concerned about these practices that we set up our own friendly and efficient payroll provider alternative called Paraplus and many of our clients use this to pay their temporary workers through. You may therefore find that if you temp with a de Poel client you’ll be paid through Paraplus.